Honor Killing

I never really thought that I would come across this topic again because it is not something that you normally see on the news (no matter how atrocious the crime is) or even on the list of top human rights violations. Honor killing, an act of violence usually to a wife/fiancee by her husband/fiance, is looked upon as alright and sometimes even endorsed. The reason behind the violence occurs when the man suspects the woman of infidelity. Confrontation occurs in front of family members, starting from verbal abuse and escalating into physical violence. While I can go on and on about why this is, which culture permits this, and what I feel about this, here is a link I think very worthy of reading:


I first learned about honor killing as an assignment for my English class back in my sophomore year in high school. The assignment was simple: Research on a topic related to human rights and report back to the class in the form of a presentation and written essay. I don’t have my essay any more, but I remember feeling fueled by my interest in researching into honor killing. This assignment was unlike any I’ve done before. Very few projects make me feel like saying, “Yeah! I want to learn more about this!” This paper was a rarity, and I think one of the main reasons why I still remember so much about this topic to this very day, some six years later. I hope to help spread the word on honor killing and hope that some day, this atrocious practice will end.


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