Washington in September

We one week off work to visit our favorite Northwest city for the third time. Our first reason was to check-in and crash at our old friend’s apartment; she had just moved to Seattle to attend grad school. Our second reason was to spend time exploring the great Northwest of the US. We’ve seen plenty of photos and the Evergreen State and have wanted to explore that corner of Mother Earth.

It was lovely hiking in the mountains just northeast of Seattle. We hiked about 4 days, always coming back to Seattle as our hub for the night. Weather wasn’t too bad given that it was late fall. We had two rainy days, and it was unfortunate that those were the two days we decided to do hikes around Mt. Rainier. It was so cloudy that we couldn’t see more than 5 feet ahead of us! We persevered, though, and managed to get a sneak peek as clouds rolled by before sunset.