Book Review: Ready Player One

This one was very easy to get into, and by goodness, it’s being turned into a movie as we type! Front the beginning, I was sucked into this gloom, gray, dirty, dusty world, and as a new world, it was captivating! I mean, there is no more meaning to life than the one we’ve created in the virtual world, isn’t it? Ernest Cline’s new world was one I could easily imagine – the feeling is similar for me while reading The Giver or Hunger Games. It was a dreary one, and Cline gave this dystopia a new take with nostagic video games.


Mind you, I never played video games longer than 30 minutes. I’ve never owned a console until I turned eleven (I think), and that was only a Game Boy Advanced. Computer or other TV games, I never got into them and didn’t bother trying to ask my parents to buy it for me. I also didn’t have anyone to play with.

Despite my not having any computer game knowledge, it was still very easy to be sucked into this imaginary virtual world where you can be, whoever you want to be. You can look, however you want to look. And, you can sound like, whatever you want to sound like. It was a loner kid’s fantasy come true.

I’ve enjoyed reading this through perhaps three-quarters of the way in, and then it just turned into a movie and that was disappointing. I thought the whole plot of finding the hidden Easter eggs by understanding games and its hidden messages was pretty cool. Then it was ruined by having bad guys come in and chasing everyone around. At that point, I was just thinking to myself, is Ernest Cline trying to write this like a blockbuster action movie? The plot turned cliche and less interesting even though I continued and ultimately finished it.

I’ve seen the movie trailer now, and it kind of is exactly as I imagined it. The book, now movie, is just another action movie full of CGs with a generic plot. I won’t be going to see this movie on opening day, but perhaps someday I’ll stream it on Netflix just to say I’ve read and seen both.


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