The Importance of Daily Standups

Anyone working in the tech world has heard of stand-ups. Stand-ups are a part of the monitoring/controlling phase of project management, where the team meets together everyday for a quick 15-30 minute meeting. The meeting’s sole purpose is to deliver a verbal report of what each team member has been working on, what they are doing today and, if there are roadblocks, to declare it.

For my start-ups, I have trouble keeping my team on topic – what did you get done yesterday? What are you planning to do today? Answer me! Nope. Sometimes a few people would go off on a tangent to explain WHY they only got 1 item done. Or, they would go into too much detail to explain what they need to do next.

This is one (of many) area I need to work on. To enforce my authority on these stand-ups, and control where the discussion is going. Any tips on how to keep a team on topic?


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