Article: How Reebok Is Tackling One Of The Sports World’s Trickiest Problems

Football Helmets Banging Together

Reebok Skullcaps

How Reebok Is Tackling One Of The Sports World’s Trickiest Problems | Co.Design | business + design.

While playing football and many other high contact sports come with its risks,  I think this is definitely a step in the right direction. To be able to measure the impact of a blow to the head and to be warned about the severity of its impact allows coaches and players to take action. It is not a mere ringing in the head but the skullcap can PROVE that the red flag should be raised.

An interesting point that the author mentioned, too, is the psychological side effect of wearing these skullcaps. Everyone was playing more cautiously! There was fewer head banging and less rough play, at least in the upper torso to the head region. The skullcaps serve as a psychological sign that says, “Watch it now! You should be cautious of the blows your head is absorbing from just one tackle.”

Now, we can take this one step further. We can say that the players may just be playing more cautiously than before because the skullcap is new. They don’t normally wear these skin-tight fabric on their heads. Once the novelty wears down, I’ll be interested to seeing if this psychological sign will still be in play. Maybe at that point, the skullcaps will truly be seen a valuable gear all athletes need to put on as they “suit up.”


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