Book Review: Gone Girl


I recently finished a novel by Gilliian Flynn called Gone Girl. It is the first book I’ve read by this author, and a quick skimming of her work shows that she writes mostly in the mystery and suspense genre. Gone Girl is written in the first-person narrative and switches perspectives between Nick Dunne and his wife Amy Dunne. The couple has always been perceived by neighbors and family as a loving couple. “They are perfect for each other,” her mom would say. On the day of Nick and Amy’s fifth wedding anniversary, Amy is nowhere to be found. Nick came home to their house to find the door gaping open, the iron left on, and a living room with overturned furniture. Here begins a story of who’d dun it – Where is Amy? Is the culprit before our very eyes – Nick?!

I breezed through this piece of fiction like it was a piece of cake. The story line is easy to follow and the writing is easy to understand. Because the characters tell their side of the story in first-person, I soon found myself sympathizing with one character more than the other, rooting them on. But, like any good mystery novel, you discover more details and flaws about the character you so want to “win” this, and then you’re left with not knowing what to believe any more. This is one of those books, where you have to second guess your hypotheses as you move along and gather clues.


At the end, this book made me think, and I love books that make me think. This book, particularly, made me think of how stupid Nick’s decision is and how Amy still has him wrapped under her belt. Of all the things he said – “come back home, bitch, and I will kill you” [my paraphrase], etc. – he was just one sad puppy in the end. The book has plenty of GOTCHA! moments, and the last one was a pretty good wrap-up and solidifies how pathetic Nick’s situation is.

Why couldn’t he divorce this evil b**** and have children with another woman?!


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