Smarty Pants Langdon

Or shall I say, Smarty Harris Tweed Jacket Langdon? I am now a good 60% percent into Inferno and the only thing that I’m not liking about this book is that Langdon is able to solve his “puzzles” much too easily. He easily figures out that the biohazardous container is not dangerous but actually a projector. He easily recalls the secret passages running through the Palazzo Vecchio and knows exactly that it is behind the map of Armenia(?) that leads him to his escape. Sure, Langdon is a Harvard professor but I have a hard time believing that he does not struggle one bit to get himself out of the police’s hands. The obstacles are not quite .. obstacles. I am hoping the book gets better and that there will be an actual struggle at the climax.

Vassari CorridorVassaro Corridor



Palazzo VecchioPalazzo Vecchio



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