Today I Learned: Non-functioning Alarms Can Cost You

Nearly everything that happens in this world has a direct or indirect consequence. The consequence of waking up one hour later than you usually do because of an alarm that didn’t ring is a $40 parking citation ticket.

So the story goes –

I did not wake up at my usual time of 6:20am this morning. I do not believe it rang at all. My usual commute is a 30 minute drive to the train station to take the 7:46am train and then an hour ride to my final stop. I woke up at 7:43am with a gasp, startling my sleeping partner. I suspect it was the bright morning sky outside that made me naturally wake up. Who knows how much longer I would have slept if it wasn’t for light?!

Being incredibly late and knowing that I will miss my scheduled meeting that morning if I was to take public transportation, I decided to drive all the way across the San Mateo Bridge to get to Berkeley. I will park at the Ashby station and ride one stop. I know I will get to work on time.

An oversight, and one I should have seen coming, is that there were no parking spots left on the lot. Like none. Zip. Nada. EXCEPT for the permit parking side, which is the side of the parking lot that you need to prepay for a monthly permit tag to hang on your rear-view mirror. The residential area surrounding the parking lot is zoned so only residents can do street parking (without the 2 hour limit). Gambling with my luck, I decided to park in the Permit Lot and WISH AND HOPE AND PRAY, that the po-po will skip over my car, that s/he will be busy working on the OTHER side of the lot that by the time s/he gets to my car, it will be past 10am and s/he cannot ticket me. (The permits are only required from 4am-10am. Any car can be parked there outside of those times.)

WHELP. I got my second parking citation of the year. A whopping (but not too bad) $40. I hope my “lucky” ticket collection streak stops now though. If only winning the lottery was this easy.


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