My Collection of Essays

I have folders and folders of academic work I have saved through my four years of studying at UC Berkeley. Now that I have graduated, I have a strong urge to just purge all of my work down the recycling bin on my desktop. But come on now! What a waste that would be! Hours and hours of hard work and sleepless nights were poured into the works of writing (whether BS-quality or better).

I think, I would like to share my words with the rest of the online community. A disclaimer is needed here: I am not a scholarly professional but merely a student just striving to learn and passing my classes. My essays are definitely not perfect; some are “A”-quality, others are “B+/B/B-” quality. Please do not copy and paste my words into your essay, you students, you. You may, however, cite me in your paper/project and message me to tell me what you’re writing about. Good academic practice facilitates discussion!


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